Preparing for a hurricane or natural disaster

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Get ready for Hurricane or other natural disasters

First and foremost, play it safe and go to a safer place. If you cant leave. Here are things to do. 

Basic necessities such Food and water should be on your mind. Be prepared to not have power, HVAC, running water, and a cooking source for several days. 

1. Charge all of your devices, even old phones (they can still call 911). If you have a power bank, charge those too. 

2. Stock up on water for toilets. 2 liter bottles, or trash cars (wash them and put a liner in them, add a small amount of bleach to sanitize them). Store the small containers near the bathroom, the large ones where they will be lest impacted by the wind/ rain. 

3. Clean your kitchen and bath room. This will help reduce smells. Purchase some cleaner with bleach in case you need to re e-lean everything. 

4. Wash you cloths now! Be prepared to not be able to wash clothes for a week or two. Once you are done, fill the machine with water. 

5. Fill empty containers with water (Tupperware, water bottles, glasses). Keep some for drinking in the first few days; use others to freeze water to help keep food cold in the event of a loss of power. Cover the cups with plastic wrap (to keep the water clean) and put them so they cant blow away.

6. Clean out the fridge now, get rid of old food and stock up on easy to make food that doesn’t require heat or cooling. Cook any meats you have and freeze them. Make sure to leave plenty of space for ice and drinking water (Ice can be very hard to find so make as much as you can and fill up your coolers now)

7. Empty trash and clean up this week. You may be without AC, things can get smelly so get rid of it now (cat box, bathroom trash)

8. Put important documents in a water tight container. Pre pack them so you have them in a safe place where you can grab and go if needed.

9. Get the car ready- Fill it up, check oil and tires. Even fill up your gas cans. If power is out you cant get gas and without power traffic could be bad. Plan to be in the car for extended times (on a positive note, you would have AC if needed)

10. Get prescriptions filled now. Most insurance companies allow emergency refills.

11. Get extra pet food and have it ready.

12. Fill propane tanks. This maybe your only way to cook for a few days, it is a good Idea to buy a backup tank.

13, Have some cash on hand as ATMs and credit cards may be down. Go ahead and buy candles, batteries, and easy to eat food now.

14. Run the dishwasher and then place important items inside as it is water proof.

15. Pack some cloths in the car so if needed you can just leave. Park the car where you can get to it easily, yet it is safe from flying debris. Put some water in the car too.

16. Pick a safe place in case the storm gets really bad. Have a plan. Have a phone there. Let family know the plan and how you plan to reach them.

17. Very important- Prep the house. Get everything out of the yard. You don’t want small items taking out your windows (consider boarding the windows them up).

18. Prep inside of house by making sure you have clear pathways and lots of places you can hide if needed.

19. Take a shower right before the storm, enjoy it as it may be the last one you get for a few days.

One last idea, take a video of your house (inside and out) along with your cars. Do this to document what you have in case all is lots or damaged. This will provide evidence for your insurance company if the worst happens. 


It’s always best to play it safe and leave.