Why your buyer agent matters

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Why your buyer agent matters


Buying a home in a competitive real estate market can be tough, you have been searching and the perfect home comes onto the market. It has everything you want, in the perfect location, and in your price range. Then you find out there are multiple offers, what do you do?

It is a sellers’ market, meaning there are more buyers than homes, so demand is high and prices are increasing. As a buyer having an agent who knows how to structure your contract gives you an advantage with the seller.

Recently we helped Jim find his dream home it was at the top of his price range and unfortunately several other families wanted the home also. We had to get creative to make our offer more attractive as we knew he couldn’t outbid the other offers. Needless to say, he is now enjoying the home.

The difference having an agent knows the market, the area and picks up on the details. You see, often times money is not always the most important thing when it comes to selling a house.

Jessie wanted to buy a home to live in with her young daughter. She wanted her daughter to attend certain schools making it harder to find the perfect home. Like Jim, several other families like the same home she found. We worked with her to make her offer more attractive to the sellers and guess what she GOT the house!

Some agent advice adjusting the contract to put too much liability on the buyers, we have seen contracts without a home inspection. The buyer would get any existing problems, this is not representing the buyers properly and not something we advise.

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